Testimonials for Attorney Herbert R. Rosen, LLC

An excellent referral that was given to me. Herb was patient & thorough going through my estate planning documents & setting up an LLC. This even after I waited a year after our initial first meeting. He picked up right where we left off and delivered the documents expeditiously. Thank you for getting my affairs in order.
Ms A.A. of Dorchester
I want to thank you for your kind and courteous attention given to my financial and legal needs given by your firm. I highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of the services you provide.
Walter Marshall
Having my affairs and my estate legally taken care of is a huge piece of mind! Herb's process and procedures were clear cut and easy to follow. We met a few times, easily went through all the documents step-by-step and he answered all my questions. Herb also went out of his way and found and corrected a part of the deed that went unnoticed since being in the home 6 years. Everything came home kept in a fire proof briefcase. Thank you!
Cheryl Wood, CCH, RSHom(NA), C.HP
Herb was a joy to work with. He made what could be an unpleasant experience (realty is messy!) an easy process. Everything was done in a timely fashion. You’ll leave feeling well covered and completely taken care of. Highly recommended.
Niki Novak of Braintree
We were introduced to Attorney Herb Rosen, by my brother….also a client of Herb’s as a result of a referral. At our request….Herb spent and excessive amount of time advising and procuring our wills and trusts. We just had a lot of twists and turns. He was extremely knowledgeable in all our elder law questions. He was readily available to answer questions, either by calling or emailing. Atty Rosen truly puts the concerns of his clients as a priority. We recommend him for all your legal needs.
L & D Johnson of Marston Mills
I contacted Herb to set up my estate documents. I was impressed with his knowledge and ability to understand my situation. He guided me thru a complex process and answered all my questions. It took several months and meetings to reach my goals and I’m happy with the results. Also gained a new friend.
Sally Chapman of Lynn, MA
Thank you for your help in providing your expertise in creating our trusts. We enjoyed working with you.aI highly recommend Herb Rosen for your legal needs. He helped my mother and I set up wills to protect us in the future. He will go above and beyond until you are satisfied with your legal needs.
Charlene Nagel, RN, BSN
Thank you for your help in providing your expertise in creating our trusts. We enjoyed working with you.
Dolly & George L.
I first met attorney Herb Rosen in 2009 when he assisted me in obtaining the correct documents so that I could effectively meet the health and legal needs of my life partner, who became very ill and subsequently passed away. These documents helped our blended family handle a very sad situation without worry. In 2010, after my partners affairs were settled, I engaged Herb Rosen to get my own affairs in order. And over the years he has kept my documents updated as the Massachusetts laws and my circumstances change. My will, healthcare proxy, trust, etc. are all in order thanks to Herb and his extensive knowledge. He is thorough in his work ethic and accommodating in his availability and he is a caring person. I have my Red Book at the ready whenever I need it. I highly recommend Herb Rosen for any of your legal or financial documents, and/or advice. I trust him to do what is right for me.
Deb T.
When I first met Attorney Herb Rosen 5 years ago, I was newly widowed and shell shocked. He guided me through the process of a living will with patience, knowledge, and compassion. For this I will forever be grateful. I recently, after almost 5 years, contacted Mr. Rosen regarding another issue. He was readily available and knowledgeable in what should be done. He was thorough and in a timely manner initiated the process which enabled me to secure what was rightfully mine. I will not hesitate to contact him again, nor will I hesitate to refer him to anyone needing legal advice. Thank you.
Janice L.
I have used Attorney Herb Rosen for various legal documents and representation including a trust, a post nuptial agreement and vendor contracts. I found his phone responsiveness to be quick and respectful while his fees are reasonable. Attorney Rosen explained very clearly the contents and intent of the documents. I am happy with all the aspect of dealing with Attorney Herb Rosen
Dave S.
I found Herb Rosen to be outstanding in his advice and work ethic. I will keep Herb in mind for the future if and when we return to reviewing the business.
Nicole Cheever
Herb Rosen is a consummate professional, always available and knowledgeable. He handled a difficult multi-generational estate with challenging family dynamics perfectly. Additionally, He guided us through out own estate planning process and will be doing so for our son. Herb is a trusted legal and financial adviser to our family, and we recommend him to anyone in similar circumstances.
David and Susan Martin
About three years ago, I was looking for a good attorney who would be able to advise us on our estate planning. After asking friends and family for recommendations, we set up a meeting with Attorney Herb Rosen. We felt very happy and comfortable with Attorney Herb Rosen and began getting out personal needs in order. Attorney Rosen was very accommodating and responsive to any of our concerns and or questions. Since then, I have engaged Herb for my business needs, the sale of a business and a commercial property - with all the usually problems of septic, environment issues and other permits that without his expertise could have proven costly. I highly recommend Herb Rosen to our family, friends and fellow business owners for their needs as well.
John Corcoran
Herb Rosen is the BEST! He did a trist for my husband and I. The time he spent with us going over all of our needs and wants was amazing. The final document in the big RED book is everything we wanted and more. Herb has always been there for us, anytime we call with a question, he got back to us ASAP with the answer. We have recommended Herb to friends and they have been very happy with his services.
Bob & Priscilla White
I had the pleasure of being referred to Attorney Herbert Rosen to assist me in my Estate Planning. I was referred to him by 2 people I hold in high regard. From the moment I met Atty Rosen I was very comfortable with his delivery of all the information I needed to know. When I did not understand he was extremely patient in explaining in a way I could. Attorney Herbert Rosen is very thorough, affordable, knowledgeable and available for anything you need to make the process go smoothly. Thank you.
Deborah L.
We used Attorney Rosen for our trust and will and we had a pleasant experience and impressed with his professionalism and experience. I recommend him to all my friends.
M & J Wolf
I met Herb by referral from a friend. Due to a sudden Medical diagnosis we needed an estate attorney fast!! During this extremely stressful situation Atty Herb Rosen walked us through the whole process with compassion, professionalism & he did it promptly! Herb was available with any questions and advice that we needed. I highly recommend Herb. He goes above and beyond to help make the process understandable. PS...not enough space to write how grateful I am for your services.
L. Lopes Family
W/S 2023-Dape Cod
I came across Herb Rosen's name on the Fidelity Financial Advisory website. I had been working with Fidelity to help plan my retirement. Of course, in one is planning retirement, why not get all you final papers in order as well? Fidelity offers a list of lawyers they recommend for estate planning. I called 3 of them. Herb was the 3rd call I made. I knew immediately he was the lawyer I wanted to work with. Herb is a natural educator. Unlike the other 2 lawyers I called, his intent was not about impressing me, it was about teaching me. herb not only understands the law when if comes to estate planning, but he is completely immersed in it. His pleasant personality and knowledge guided us well. He took the time necessary so my husband and I could understand the process completely. My husband and I left our free consultation and the following meetings feeling confident and secure. His fee was reasonable and he got everything done in a very timely manner. We felt immediate piece of mind.
Mary Weathers
11/30/22-Sharon, MA
It was a pleasure working with Herb. He was quick and efficient. He always made himself available any time we had a question. He was very patient and very thorough. We especially loved the final product. A binder that contains all of our personal/important documents and information in one convenient book...not to mention the fire proof bag to put the binder in. Great experience! Would highly recommend the "Estates Doctor"!
Herb is the best and we are so glad a friend referred us to him for setting up our Trust. I have been a teacher for 28 years and can appreciate a well executed lesson plan with clear objectives and outcomes and that is exactly how Herb walked us through this process. He explains everything so well and is extremely knowledgeable. The "Red Book" Herb makes for you includes every imaginable detail so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your life and affairs are in order. Look no further for an attorney to help with your Trust!
L. Hickey
Hello, my name is Grace and I met Herb thru work and then a co-worker recommended him and I'm very happy that she did! He did a fabulous job for our estate document needs. His fees were within our means in this competitive market. Herb was wonderful to work with. UPDATE: Summer 2023...we are now closing on our home we put in the revocable trust...and again, Herb is wonderful to work with.
G & S Seaver
March 2022
Just a quick thank you for your WEB page....My family and I simply couldn't have done this without you.
Referred to Herb Rosen through mutual friend. Office is close by, convenient for certain in Easton from Attleboro. Herb listened to our needs for a trust and was very pleasant to work with. Very thorough with his work, reasonable pricing. Highly recommend using Herb for all your estate planning. He makes it so easy!
D & L Smith
Oct 2022-Attleboro
Looking for an attorney who is knowledgeable in many legal arenas/topics, responsive and has a great work ethic....look no further. I have been using the legal services of Herb Rosen for 15+ years for both my own personal needs as well as my parents needs. Legal tasks can seem daunting, but Attorney Herb takes the time to spell them out in layman terms, asking questions to be sure he gives you the advice and the result you are looking for. Suffice it to say, I wouldn't have continued using Attorney Herb for my legal needs if I didn't have complete faith in his legal advice.
Karen T.
2008-current-South Shore
Wanted to say how terrific it was of you to give up two Saturday mornings for me last year. I needed to get my house in order and will done before my major surgery and you made it a simple no stressful process. You were so helpful and guided me in the right direction so I went under the knife with one less worry. Thank you again for your help.
Jim G. & Sandra C.
We met Herb Rosen twelve years ago as friends of ours were using Herb Rosen for their estate planning. Recently, we engaged Herb to do the same for us as he had for our friends. Herb's work helped them tremendously as they were planning for their future years. Herb has been easy to work with, extremely responsive and takes great pride in doing what is for his customers with high quality work. We strongly recommend Herb Rosen for your estate planning needs.
Young family of Yarmouth/Bwater
I have been a client of Herb R. Rosen for a number of years. I was referred to him by my mother. Herb has helped me with a number of different legal mattes ranging from helping to close out my mother's estate, to pre-marriage planning, to estate planning for my wife and I. I keep working with Herb because he takes the time to make the process less intimidating, he explains things in a manner that is easy to understand, he does his research to ensure accuracy, and all follow-up items re clearly articulated and documented. I highly recommend Herb, and will continue to work with him for all possible legal matters I might have.
P. Myers
My wife and I recently started researching an attorney to help us create a family trust. The local FB pages in Easton appeared to almost unanimously recommend Herb Rosen for the job. We wound up going with Herb and were thrilled beyond expectations with his service. He is flexible, punctual, extremely thorough, competitively priced, knowledgeable, personable, and honest. He made creating a family trust feel like a walk in the park. He’s a great communicator. I feel fortunate that we found him and steadfastly recommend him.
Phil McCrackin
Herb has been excellent, creating my mom’s life estate, POA and health care proxy, as well as updating through many years, He coming highly recommended by Me Bill Haverty
Bill Haverty
We spent time with several attorneys before deciding to work with attorney Rosen. He was willing to take all the time necessary to listen to our needs for setting up an estate plan and living will. Attorney Rosen came up with a plan that worked for us and our extended family. Herbert Rosen was very easy to work with and made sure we understood what was being written into the document every step of the way. He always makes himself available for questions from me or our children at anytime. I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Rosen.
Peter Mulln
Spring 2022-Bridgewater
Herb was so patient with my husband and I each time we sat with him. He helped and explained everything there was to know about putting a trust together. So happy we have him!
Cyn Mecene Olivier